BIGSHOT Maxim - Botanical Mosquito, Tick & Agricultural Pest Control

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BIGSHOT Maxim - Botanical Mosquito, Tick & Agricultural Pest Control



Many types of insecticides have been used to kill mosquitoes and other insect pests. Nevertheless, many insecticides have disadvantages. Some are toxic to humans, are harmful to the environment, or have limited efficacy. Accordingly, there is a continuing need for environmentally friendly compounds having improved insecticidal properties.

The organically grown ingredients that make up the BigShot Maxim Mosquito, Tick & Agricultural Pest Control product are ingredients that have been formulated using EPA recognized FIFRA (GRAS) “generally recognized as safe” active and inert ingredients. These ingredients after decades of use globally have proven to have no harmful effects and therefore have unrestricted use as described on the label, and are registered within the U.S. states as a FIFRA 25(b) labeled product.

All ingredients are from organic sources, no synthetic chemicals are used in BIGSHOT Maxim.


  • Effective Mosquito Control (adulticide and knock down)
  • Effective against mosquito larvae and pupa (no need for multiple chemicals)
  • Completely safe to use around adults, kids and pets
  • Completely safe for animals and aquatic life
  • Completely bee and butterfly friendly (saves beneficial pollinators)
  • Completely safe around gardens and plants
  • So safe, never worry about drift again even on windy days (less rescheduling)
  • 21 to 30 day residual even with rain events, requiring very limited re-sprays
  • Fresh Botanical scent, unlike synthetic chemicals currently being used.
  • Excellent fungus control for plants and farm crops
  • Extremely effective and safe for aerial spraying because drift is not a concern
  • Registered for use within the individual State’s Department of Agriculture
  • Controls Japanese beetles 

  • Directions of Use:

    Commercial/Residential application; backpack fog/misters/hand sprayer recommended dilutions:

    • 25-45 days; dilution 12-19.5 ounces per 128 ounces clean water
    • 21-30 days; dilution 12-19.5 ounces per 3 gallons clean water

    Stationary Misters...  1-3.5 oz per gallon

     Municipality - Mosquito crepuscular knockdown

    • Concentration dilution recommendations for mosquito and tick control: knockdown crepuscular activity. This application is using directly from the container with no dilution for special apparatus application.
    • 15 to 50 um particle – 2 to 4 ounces per minute or 2 to 4 ounces per acre
    • 1-15 um ultra-fine particle 4 ounces per minute – smoke

    Agriculture Pest Control Application: no Dilution direct from the container.

    • 15-50 um particle – 2-4 ounces per minute or 2-4 ounces per acre
    • Larger particles with water dilution 19.5 ounces per acre for recovery efforts pest and fungus
    • Larger particles with water dilution 12-15 ounces per acre for pest maintenance

    Also Controls:

    JORO SPIDERS, Black-headed caterpillars, Moths and moth larvae, Colorado potato beetles, Various boring insects, Mexican bean beetles, Fruit sucking moths, Root weevil adults, Red palm weevil, Corn earworms, Eriophyid mites, Cabbage worms, Mushroom flies, Japanese beetles, Spotted beetles, Blister beetles, Cotton stainers, Spindle bugs , Tomato hornworm, Squash bugs, Gypsy moths, Spider mites, Fungus gnats, Tea mosquito, Leaf webbers, Pulse beetle, Semi loopers, Leafhoppers, Cankerworms, Leaf miners, Flea, beetles, Mealybugs, White grubs, Bollworms, Armyworms, Mosquitoes, Whiteflies, Sandflies, Houseflies, Caterpillar worms (more on leaf-eating worms), Bagworms, Cutworms, Lawn and root grubs, Lace bugs, Fruit flies, Bed bugs, Pod bug, Billbugs, Sawflies, Termites, Locusts, Midges, Aphids – Root Aphid, Hibiscus aphids, and Rose aphids, Beetles, Ants, Gall,<br data-mce-fragment="1">Scale insects, Thrips

    Storage and Disposal:

    Store at room temperature. Do not freeze. Do not reuse the container. Dispose of in trash or offer for recycling


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