Rizosphere - A Nutrient Soil Amendment, Soil Builder and Plant Food

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Rizosphere - A Nutrient Soil Amendment, Soil Builder and Plant Food

All-natural ingredients, Contains over 70 micronutrients and essential organic compounds.

* Supplements the natural biological process of the organic turnover in the soil.

* Establishes a relationship between the fungi contained in Rizosphere and the  soil bacteria in organic soil recycling.

* Feeds and nourishes soil bacteria that communicate and create naturally what the plant is requiring for strong healthy growth.

* Works faster than residues in the soil’s stimulation decomposition of organic materials and assisting growth hormones to enter the plant molecules faster and with less resistance.

* Rizosphere increases better germination, grows more vigorously, deeper root growth, healthier, reduced fertilizer needs, increased yields.

* Reduced shock for plantings, faster rooting, increase in heat tolerance.

* Faster growth and greener thicker blades and Increase fruit crop production, flowering, and overall health of soil eco-system.

* Made from lactating dairy cow compost manure, Rizosphere™ uses a multi-stage fermentation process to extract essentials from the manure. These essentials are fortified with compound organic substances from kelp concentrate for super plant and soil health.

From Concentrate:

Rizosphere™ may be applied by ground or air. If applied by air, use 6 to 10 gallons of water per acre. If applied by ground, use 5 to 25 gallons of water per acre.

For greenhouse, gardens and yards, simply dilute 2 to 4 fl.oz. per gallon. Use sufficient water to cover surface completely.

Dispose of waste material in accordance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.

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