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The ultimate mold-cleaning solution for concrete and wood surfaces

Effective cleaning is crucial for wood and concrete surfaces, demanding for efficient mold cleaning products. Ordinary cleaning doesn't work and cannot combat deep-seated mold issues. Dedicated solutions are necessary to ensure thorough removal and help prevent future growth. Commercial cleaning contractors and home cleaners can rely on the best mold cleaner for wood as a targeted solution that removes mold. 

Introducing BHP Supermax – Concentrated Mold Stain Remover & Sealer that eliminates mold, algae, and mildew staining while providing surface protection. Just apply, witness the transformation, and remove those persistent stains. BHP Supermax isn't just a cleaner but a proactive defense against future issues. 

It is a professional-grade solution for top-notch cleaning! Choose it over ordinary cleaning to safeguard wood and concrete surfaces, prioritizing a clean, healthy environment for all.

Potential uses & effectiveness of BHP Supermax

The versatile compound is designed to clean and restore surfaces damaged by indoor or outdoor weather. Ideal for various surfaces, this product works on brick patios, walls, sheetrock, decks, cedar wood fences, vinyl siding, patio furniture, kitchen and bathroom tiles, tubs, toilets, showers, as well as painted surfaces, and more. It is a commercial-grade mold and mildew stain remover that's effective for wood and concrete surfaces. 

The broad application makes it a preferred choice for homeowners and cleaning contractors. Here's what it does- 

  • Eliminates mold and helps prevent its recurrence.
  • Cleans and restores surfaces back their original look
  • Can be sprayed for simple application

The usage guidelines recommend wetting exterior surfaces such as concrete and wood before application. This pre-application step enhances its efficacy, ensuring a thorough and deep cleaning experience. With its impressive performance, the concrete and wood cleaner provides a convenient way to maintain the beauty of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A cleaning solution that is different from others

BHP Supermax is not your average cleaning solution – it's the real deal. This mold removal product is your reliable go-to in a market full of choices. It has something special in the mix, a proprietary Nano Zinc Antimicrobial Technology for cleaning mold, algae, mildew, and those stubborn marks. But wait, there's more! BHP Supermax doesn't just clean; it seals the surface to help prevent contamination and staining.

The product works on everything, from walls to wood and concrete—no need to scratch your head figuring out which product to use where. The all-in-one mold remover spray simplifies your cleaning tasks, making things just like new. Give your home or business the best cleaning it deserves with BHP Supermax.

The advantages for cleaning professionals 

Industrial cleaners should turn to BHP Supermax as their preferred cleaning solution for its unmatched ability to redefine the standards of surface maintenance. The concentrated formula is unique and powerful, offering professionals the best cleaning outcomes for each project. Getting the job done within a time frame is important for restoration contractors, and BHP Supermax recognizes this. The concentrate goes beyond cleaning, works quickly, and restores surfaces to their prime condition. 

This mold cleaner for wood saves valuable time and effort, giving optimal results. The efficient capabilities set BHP Supermax apart as a reliable compound for cleaning agents to enhance their work quality and set new industry benchmarks. It is a superior choice for those who seek excellence in surface maintenance. 

Mold remover that is affordable 

Professional contractors and homeowners are guaranteed to save more time, money, and effort with BHP Supermax. Not all projects require the same strength or dilution so having a concentrated all in one formula that cleans, restores and protects surfaces saving you time and money in the long run. 


It is important to know that mold can enter your home in various ways. If they gain access to moisture, they can thrive and quickly form a severe problem. When identified, a strong action must be taken for successful mold remediation. BHP Supermax stands out as the best mold removal product in the market, meeting the diverse cleaning needs of professionals and homeowners. Go ahead and use it for a visible difference.

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