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Home & Garden

BHP Supermax - Concentrated Mold Stain Remover & Sealer

NEW Industrial Strength! Revolutionize the way you clean with BHP Supermax for all-in-one mold, algae, mildew stain removal and surface protection. Product Description: With all the cleaning products available in...

BAC - Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner

BAC -Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner  REIMAGINE CLEAN™ BAC (Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner) is proven to be a 99.9999% effective residual action cleaner at full strength. May be diluted at 4oz. per gallon...

Home & Garden

OxyOrange® - Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

OxyOrange® - All Purpose Cleaner Certified Green – Green Clean Institute A reliable new tool to provide a clean, safe, mold free environment. Concentrated formula! OxyOrange is a product that combines...

Home & Garden

Botanical BIGSHOT Maxim - Non-Toxic Mosquito, Tick & Pest Control

What is BIGSHOT Maxim Concentrate?  BIGSHOT Maxim is a high quality organically grown botanical mosquito, tick and agricultural pest control solution that works. Micro-encapsulated time released actives provide residuals greater...

BIGSHOT Natural Mosquito, Tick, and Gnat Repellant

BIGSHOT Natural Mosquito, Tick, and Gnat Repellant Naturally Better! Safest Mosquito and Tick repellant on the planet with organically grown glycerin for skin conditioning. The product will control and repel...

Rizosphere - A Nutrient Soil Amendment, Soil Builder and Plant Food

Rizosphere - A Nutrient Soil Amendment, Soil Builder and Plant Food All-natural ingredients, Contains over 70 micronutrients and essential organic compounds. * Supplements the natural biological process of the organic...

OXYdiff - EPA registered disinfectant and sporicide - Concentrate

OXYdiff - EPA registered daily defense against C.diff spores and emerging pathogens. Kills C.diff spores in 2 minutes. One step hospital use germicidal disinfectant cleaner effective against MRSA, HBV, HIV,...
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