BHP Supermax - Concentrated Mold Stain Remover & Sealer

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NEW Industrial Strength! Revolutionize the way you clean with BHP Supermax for all-in-one mold, algae, mildew stain removal and surface protection.

Product Description:

With all the cleaning products available in the market today, finding the right one can be quite a difficult feat. Some products promise more than what they can deliver, but not BHP Supermax.

We take pride in giving you New Industrial Strength BHP Supermax! It is a concentrated all-in-one mold, algae, mildew and stain remover and sealer that is specially formulated to clean and restore your damaged surface to just like NEW.

Benefits of BHP Supermax

Unlike other removers, you are not required to extend the labor or use more products just to achieve long-lasting results. 

With this cleaner, you can work smarter, not harder. BHP Supermax is a revolutionary cleaner that uses a proprietary Nano-Zinc technology that seals the surface to help prevent contamination and staining.

Professional contractors and homeowners are guaranteed to save more time, money, and effort with BHP Supermax. Not all projects require the same strength or dilution so we give you a concentrated formula.

Clean and restore indoor or outdoor weather damaged surfaces. It is perfect for wood, concrete, brick patios, walls, sheetrock, decks, cedar wood fences, vinyl siding, patio furniture, boats, campers, awnings, kitchen & bathroom tiles, tubs, toilets, showers, including painted surfaces and so much more!

BHP Supermax is a very effective oxidizer for category 3 water and flood damage cleanup. It can also be used as an odor mitigator from mold, smoke, or pet urine contamination.

Dilution Recommendations:

1 gallon makes up to 4 gallons RTU product making the cost much less than the competition which only removes stains. Coverage is approx. 300sf per RTU gal.

Recommend testing surfaces before use to confirm dilution needed.

  • 1:1 dilution into water for heavy mold cleaning and wood revitalization
  • 1:2 dilution into water for moderate mold cleaning and revitalization of wood, concrete, stone, brick, etc.
  • 1:3 dilution into water normal mold cleaning and revitalization of wood, concrete, stone, brick, patio furniture, etc.

*Many mold, mildew and algae stains may only require this 1:2 or 1:3 dilution making it the most cost effective product on the market that also seals in one step.

Directions and Cautions For Use:

Best applied sprayed, after use clean applicator/sprayer thoroughly with water. Avoid using sprayers with metal parts, as they may corrode with use.

Recommend wetting exterior surfaces such as concrete and wood before application for best results.

Some areas especially confined spaces like attics and crawlspaces require added ventilation. We strongly recommend using a fan to add fresh makeup air to the workplace during application.

Before handling or applying BHP especially indoors or in confined spaces wearing full PPE (personal protection equipment) is required, such as coverall chemical hazmat suit, latex gloves, safety glasses, and a full-face respirator with 3M 60923 P100 organic vapor/acid gas cartridge filter or equivalent.

Use appropriate PPE precautions even when applying product outdoors. Safety glasses, gloves, and skin protection minimum.  

Do not mix with any other chemical only clean water.

Always pre‐test surfaces before using our product. BHP can bleach, you should avoid contact with carpet, upholstery, fabrics, etc.

BHP can be corrosive, DO NOT apply to copper, metal, mechanicals, nail plates, steel, aluminum, or any materials prone to corrosion. If BHP is accidentally applied to these materials quickly wash the area with soap and water or wipe down with WD‐40.

This is a commercial‐strength mold and mildew stain removing compound with a chlorine like aroma.

Please consult the SDS and product label for specific instructions.

Do not use or mix with other household chemicals such as toilet bowl cleaners, rust removers, acid or ammonia products. This will release hazardous gases.

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