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Who should buy

Commercial Restoration & Cleaning Made Easy

As a professional cleaning company, delivering exceptional restoration & cleaning services to clients is what matters. The key to retaining repeat business is providing the best results possible with reliable products and services. Whether you're a mold remediation contractor, water damage restoration & cleaning contractor, commercial cleaner, or carpet cleaner, the effectiveness of your cleaning products is super essential. 

By using high-quality, concentrated solutions, you can tackle tough cleaning challenges and leave your clients and even yourself impressed. It is how you become a reputed cleaning company that sets themselves apart from the competition. Here are the top 3 reasons for choosing PreVasive Products as your ultimate cleaning solution-

  • Professional-grade results: The cleaning solutions are made to exceed industrial cleanliness standards, ensuring clear, effective, and visible differences. Our products have been used in Air Force 1 hangers and also trusted to clean Abraham Lincoln's original office chairs.
  • Concentrated for Cost-Efficiency: Contractors save money because not all projects require the same strength or dilution so we give you easy to mix concentrated formulas that reduce your costs.
  • Environmentally Safe and Sustainable: Using PreVasive Products all natural ingredient technology helps to reduce chemical consumption and harm to the environment by reducing the exposure of harmful chemicals in normally used cleaners and biocides.
Industry-Leading Cleaning Products for Professionals
  1. BHP Supermax is a concentrated mold, algae, and mildew stain remover. Special all-in-one formula that not only cleans and restores damaged surfaces to like new but also leaves long lasting protection with its proprietary nano-zinc antimicrobial technology. No need to apply other products to achieve the same results, this saves you time and money. Perfect for mold remediation, flood and water restoration.
  2. OxyOrange – Approved by the Secret Service to be used in Air Force One Hanger. Labeled certified Green, is a peroxide (Organic) (Highly refined Orange peel oil). Great for mold remediation and water & sewage damage decontamination. Super carpet and grout cleaner without any harsh acid. The all-purpose concentrated cleaner eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products.
  3. BAC - 100 percent Botanical Organic Thyme based Antimicrobial Cleaner. This versatile cleaning solution removes bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. Trusted by restoration & cleaning companies and proven to be extremely effective for fogging after mold remediation to help pass clearance testing.
  4. OXYdiff - EPA registered daily defense against C-Diff (kills C-Diff spores in 2 minutes). A one step hospital-use germicidal disinfectant cleaner effective at 6 log (99.9999%) against pathogens c-Diff, Norovirus, MRSA, CRE, VRE, TB, e-Coli, and hundreds of others! This product is professionally used in Medical facilities across the USA.

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Complete cleaning solution for home & garden

Homeowners and housekeepers handle many household cleaning needs, including pest control, mold removal, etc. For effective cleaning, there is a need for a convenient, cost-effective solution that ensures homes and living spaces remain clean, deodorized and hygienic. Formulated with all-natural and botanical ingredients, PreVasive Products efficiently meets the everyday cleaning challenge and gives optimal results in maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment. Here are a few compelling reasons to choose our superior cleaners-

  • Research-Backed Formula: These products are developed based on many years of thorough research, ensuring their effectiveness and safety when used as directed.
  • Results from the First Use: After the initial application, users can see remarkable improvements in cleanliness, achieving a spotless surface free and safe from bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew leaving spaces odors free.
  • Safe for Humans & Pets: We prioritize safety in all our products, assuring homeowners that they are non-toxic and harmless to humans and pets.

The best cleaning products for house cleaning & maintenance

  1. Opt for BAC - 100 percent Botanical Organic Thyme based Antimicrobial Cleaner. This versatile cleaning solution removes bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. BAC can be used as a safe way to freshen your fabric furniture, spray on your fruit to keep pesky flying bugs away. Use BAC to spray on your indoor plants and outdoor plants, spray on your doggie to keep fleas off or freshen them up and yes freshen the couch you don’t want them to sleep on! Gentle cleaning on household surfaces and as a one-step antimicrobial deodorizing cleaner.
  2. Choose Oxyorange for an effective, certified green all-purpose cleaning solution that removes tough stains in seconds. Deodorizes and leaves a fresh citrus smell. Excellent kitchen degreaser, tile & grout and carpet cleaner or spotter.
  3. Use Botanical BIGSHOT Maxim for a non-toxic, and cost-effective mosquito, tick, and agricultural pest control. Ingredients are from organic sources, not harsh chemicals. Safe around pets, children, adults, aquatic life and the environment when used as directed.
  4. Apply Rizosphere - an all-natural solution for improving soil health, promoting plant growth, achieving higher yields, and enhancing garden and yard productivity.

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