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Need a quick fix for mold? BHP Supermax redefines mold cleaning standards
Mold is toxic and dangerous as indoor mold can cause several health problems such as asthma, runny nose, cough, sinus conditions, and allergies. On the other hand, outdoor mold growth can cause property damage, environmental impact, and lead to indoor contamination. Professional mold remediation is essential for identifying and cleaning mold-infested surfaces. What is more important to note is that only cleaning is not enough; surface restoration and sealing are equally necessary to help protect from future mold growth. 

You must be tired of using ordinary cleaners that barely address surface issues, leaving underlying spores to persist and reoccur. No wonder you may think it is difficult to remove mold completely unless you find the most effective mold stain remover available today. That's BHP Supermax. 

What is BHP Supermax?

This revolutionary cleaning product is an innovative, concentrated, all-in-one mold, algae, and mildew stain remover with industrial strength. Unlike other cleaners, it ensures quick and efficient cleaning without the need for extended labor or additional products. This cleaner uses proprietary Nano-Zinc antimicrobial technology to remove stains and protect surfaces from future contamination, providing a comprehensive solution for surface restoration and maintenance.

The power-packed features of BHP Supermax make it the ultimate solution for the cleaning and restoration industry. 

Read on to learn the advantages of BHP Supermax for mold remediation.

1. Superior product

Mold removal is a tough cleaning task, and professionals require high-quality cleaning products to eliminate the mold and mildew at your home, business, or outdoor surfaces. Many products on the market claim to eliminate mold contamination in buildings but fail to do so. Addressing this problem, BHP Supermax emerges as a commercial-strength mold cleaner that destroys mold at its root, giving a visible difference from the first use. 

2. Versatile application

BHP Supermax excels at mold, mildew or algae removal on various indoor and outdoor surfaces. Ideal for wood, concrete, brick, sheetrock, decks, vinyl siding, and more. Its versatility extends to painted surfaces, making it a superior choice for tackling mold on multiple surface areas and diverse cleaning needs. Plus, there's no need to buy specialized surface cleaners for each surface. 

3. Saves time

Mold removal takes lots of effort and time, especially if you need help figuring out where to start or what process to follow. You may spend hours locating the areas infested with mold and waste more time eliminating mold, especially if you do not have the right cleaning products. 

When you fail to remove the mold completely, it has all the chance to come back and cause the following problems-

  • Health risks: Incomplete removal causes respiratory issues.
  • Spread: Leftover spores lead to more mold growth.
  • Structural damage: Weakens building structure and exteriors
  • Persistent odor: Causes hard-to-eliminate smells.
  • Property damage: Harms belongings and furniture.

All these problems can ultimately lead to increased property repair and maintenance costs. You will spend more time trying to get rid of it. Using BHP Supermax, professionals can do the job at once and completely remove the mold and mildew spots within minutes, saving you precious time. Also, this mold sealer gives long-lasting results in just one step. 

4. It is affordable

The mold and algae can damage your walls, floor, furniture, and buildings. Fixing all these damages can cost a whole lot of money and time trying ordinary cleaners that just don’t give the best results. Instead, trust a professional contractor product to do a thorough job. 

BHP Supermax is the top choice for cleaning companies for mold remediation. Due to its concentrated formula, one gallon can make up to four gallons of ready-to-use solution because not all projects need full strength. This makes it super affordable, saving you a lot of money. 

5. Improves health

Did you know? Mold can compromise and weaken the immune system, especially if exposed to mold spores. It mainly happens to people with asthma or allergies. Professional mold remediation can help improve the Health of your family and even your pets. With BHP Supermax, you can achieve a clean, safe, and mold-free space while promoting a healthy lifestyle.  

Where can professional contractors use BHP Supermax?

  • Multiple surface cleanup: 

Professional contractors can use BHP Supermax to clean and restore surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, and brick efficiently. Its powerful formulation ensures effective mold removal while restoring the original luster of these materials. If you are a cleaning company, assure your clients that this mold removal product is a versatile solution and is trusted for its ability to clean and restore contaminated surfaces, making it a preferred choice for diverse cleaning needs. 

  • Water and flood damage restoration: 

BHP Supermax is an effective oxidizer for treating category 3 water and flood damage. Professionals dealing with water damage restoration can rely on its powerful formula to address the aftermath of floods, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleanup process.

  • Mold and odor elimination

Contractors involved in remediation projects can utilize BHP Supermax as an effective solution for mold, smoke, or pet urine contamination. Its oxidizing properties make it ideal for mitigating odors and addressing microbial issues in various environments.

BHP Supermax for Home Cleaning 

BHP Supermax simplifies cleaning routines for homeowners, offering efficient outdoor surface maintenance for decks, patios, fences, and vinyl siding. Its concentrated formula provides deep cleaning and restoration, protecting these surfaces from future weather damage. Beyond outdoor areas, this cleaner easily cleans mold and mildew buildup on bathroom surfaces like floors, tile and grout in tubs and showers. 

With BHP Supermax, homeowners can promote hygiene in key areas of the home. Additionally, it extends its utility to general household cleaning, making it effective for painted surfaces, furniture, and more. Its convenience and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for various cleaning needs throughout the house.

The bottom line

End your search for a reliable mold stain remover with BHP Supermax and achieve professional-grade results. Among all the cleaning products in the market, its effectiveness in mold and mildew removal with surface protection is unmatched. Don't settle for promises that fall short—choose BHP Supermax for a proven and trusted solution. Invest in a cleaner that genuinely works! 

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