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Why Is Oxy Orange Best For Surface Cleaning & Odor Removal?

Surface cleaning can be quite a challenge with ordinary products, often leaving behind stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. What is truly needed is an all-in-one solution—a product that effectively removes stains and leaves a fresh, inviting scent behind.

If you are a professional cleaning contractor or a homeowner tired of using harsh chemicals for cleaning needs, it's time to switch to Oxy Orange. The industry-leading cleaner has become the go-to choice for surface cleaning and odor removal. 

The oxy concentrate works its magic by combining two key components: hydrogen peroxide and citrus extracts. Here's how each ingredient plays a role in its effectiveness-

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizer. It releases oxygen that breaks down mold. When applied to mold, peroxide destroys the mold structures, wiping it out completely.

Citrus Extracts:

Have you ever noticed how fresh oranges or lemons can leave a room smelling amazing? That's because of their natural oils and acids. Oxy Orange uses the strength of citrus extracts to clean up stubborn stains and bad smells.

Why are ordinary cleaning products a big No?

Harsh cleaners for surface cleaning or mold stain removal often come with drawbacks. They can be ineffective, leaving behind low-grade results despite their strong chemical composition.

Additionally, relying on these harsh cleaners can come at a significant cost, both financially and environmentally. Their inability to deliver satisfactory outcomes may lead to repeated purchases or the need for additional cleaning products, ultimately impacting the budget and contributing to unnecessary waste.

Now that we understand the downside of ordinary cleaners, let's see how oxy mold cleaner works and why it's the ultimate cleaning solution-

  1. Gentle yet Effective: Unlike toxic cleaners that can be harsh on surfaces and harmful to your health, Oxy Orange is gentle yet highly effective. It does the job without any acids, alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or other harmful substances, reducing toxicity and promoting a healthier environment.
  2. Versatile Cleaning: From greasy kitchen counters to foul-smelling bathrooms, the potent cleaning concentrate is up for any challenge. You don't need different cleaning products cluttering your cupboard when you have oxy concentrate.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Who doesn't love saving money? With Oxy Orange, you can eliminate the need to buy multiple cleaners for different tasks. It's an all-in-one solution that saves you cash and cupboard space.
  4. Easy to use: The versatility of the cleanser reduces the need for extensive employee training and prevents accidental product mix-ups by covering all your daily cleaning needs. It's easy to use and safe for anyone to handle. Just spray, wipe, and enjoy the results.

Versatile applications of oxy orange for commercial & home use

Using effective cleaning products, professionals can meet the demands of tough stain removal and restoration tasks, while homeowners can easily maintain a clean and inviting living space. Whether it's for commercial cleaning or household chores, with Oxyorange, you are sure to achieve cleanliness and satisfaction. Here are a few versatile uses of it-

  • Clears tough stains like coffee, grease, and ink effortlessly.
  • Works on carpets, furniture, and any water-safe surface.
  • Removes carpet spots for faster cleaning.
  • Clears mold stains and odors effectively.
  • Removes grease on floors without making it slippery
  • Consistently delivers great results, impressing clients every time.

Use Oxyorange for general cleaning & odor control

Oxy orange is an all-purpose cleaner that effectively neutralizes odors while providing thorough cleaning. Its potential lies in its deep, clean action against mold-infested surfaces and elimination of unpleasant smells. Use it and ensure a fresh and sanitized environment.

Professionals and restoration companies can rely on it for cleaning projects of restaurants, gyms, and healthcare facilities. Homeowners can utilize the oxy multi purpose cleaner in bathrooms, kitchen countertops, glass cleaning in living areas, and much more.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, OxyOrange is the ideal choice for cleaning tasks, whether cleaning tough stains in an industrial space or tidying up at home. Its exceptional effectiveness ensures thorough cleanliness, leaving surfaces sparkling. Once you experience its power, you'll be reluctant to use anything else. So why wait? Count on the best oxy cleaners for deep-cleaning neglected areas with no trouble. Order now at PreVasive Products!


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