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Why choose BigShot Maxim Botanical Mosquito and Tick control?


Why choose the registered FIFRA 25 (b) BigShot Maxim Botanical Tick and Mosquito control over conventional commercial pesticides?


Natural products are an excellent alternative to synthetic pesticides as a means to reduce negative

impacts to human health and the environment. 


Many plant essential oils show a broad spectrum of activity against pest insects and plant pathogenic fungi ranging from insecticidal, 

antifeedant, repellent, oviposition deterrent, growth regulatory and anti-vector activities. 

Recent investigations indicate that some chemical constituents of these oils interfere with the information processing of odor that elicits the behavioral change, such as homing in on a desirable blood meal (you!) This Octopaminergic system is found in insects and not shared with mammals, most essential oil chemicals are relatively non-toxic to mammals, fish in toxicological tests and thousands of years of human use, and meet the criteria for “reduced risk” pesticides.




Some of these oils and their constituent chemicals are widely used as flavoring agents in foods and beverages and are even exempt from pesticide registration. This special regulatory status combined with the wide availability of essential oils from the flavor and fragrance industries, has made it possible to fast-track commercialization of essential oil-based pesticides. Though well received by consumers for use against home and garden pests, these “green pesticides” can also prove effective in agricultural situations, particularly for organic food production. Further, while resistance development continues to be an issue for many synthetic pesticides, it is likely that resistance will not develop to essential-oil-based pesticides owing to the complex mixtures of constituents that characterize many of these oils. Ultimately, botanical pest management products which are rich in endemic plant biodiversity have their greatest impact in integrated pest management (IPM) programs due to their safety to non-target organisms and the environment.


BigShot Maxim Mosquito and Tick Botanical pesticide natural product is an excellent alternative to synthetic pesticides as a means to reduce negative impacts to human health and the environment. BigShot Maxim's green chemistry with novel modes of action makes this botanical pesticide an attractive and profitable pursuit that is commanding attention. The concept of “Green Pesticides” refers to all types of nature-oriented and beneficial pest control materials that can contribute to reduce the mosquito and tick population safely and eco friendly. BigShot Maxim Botanical Mosquito and Tick control product is more compatible with the environmental components than synthetic pesticides. 


The consumer happily understands that our product being safe for the environment, pets, animals and children as well as non-toxic to fish, soil and beneficial insects is worth the small additional cost as compared to conventional use pesticides.


Today, with consumer awakening about the concept of green pesticides, BigShot Maxim botanical Mosquito and tick control product is well positioned. 

University field tested and commercially field tested effective providing an umbrella of natural use green pesticide worth the choice!


Dilution of the product in commercial use area spray equipment is 12.9 oz per gallon of water. This dilution under university and commercial research station has proven to be significantly more effective than pyrethrin’s against ticks and all species of mosquitos as a contact botanical pesticide over a period of 21 days.

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